Update Stroke 2019




Saturday 15th June 2019


Amphitheater CHL Centre, 4 rue Nicolas Ernest-Barblé, L-1210 Luxembourg

SESSION I Chair : Dr K. Schröder (Trier), Dr M. Reiff (Luxemburg)

  • 8H55 : RECEPTION 
  • 9H05 : Welcome -  Prof. Dr Dirk W. Droste (Luxemburg)
  • 9H10 : Organisation des Rettungswesens in Luxemburg mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Schlaganfallversorgung - Dr P. Stammet (Luxemburg)
  • 9H45 : New aspects of thrombectomy and thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke - Dr A. Peeters (Brussels)
  • 10H20 : Stroke action plan for Europe 2018-2030 - Mme C. Keller (Luxemburg)
  • 10H30 : COFFEE 

SESSION II Chair : Prof. Dr M. Maschke (Trier), Dr. R. J. Metz (Luxemburg)

  • 11H05 : Sekundärprävention des ischämischen Schlaganfalls - Dr K. Schröder (Trier)
  • 11H40 : Practical aspects of NOAC treatment - Prof. Dr P. Verhamme (Leuven) 
  • 12H15 General Discussion - Dr R. J. Metz (Luxemburg) 
  • 12H30 LUNCH 


The registration form is available here

Free entrance - Please use the parking of the CHL

Invited are:

Cardiologists, neurologists, general practitioners, and other doctors, nurses, therapists, members of Blëtz, and all other interested people, also without a medical background.

Supported by :

Amgen I Bayer Healthcare I BMS I Boehringer Ingelheim I Daiichi-Sankyo I MSD I Pfizer I Sanofi I Servier I Ratiopharm